Learning should be fun!

PB seminars and workshops are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining as well as educational.

PB has several options for improving the teamwork and leadership in any business. From two-hour seminars to half-day or full-day workshops to leadership retreats, we can personalize a program to engage and refocus any team. Contact us to find out how!

This presentation is entertaining, easy to understand and highly effective in motivating people to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their associates. Thad and his colleagues figured out how to develop positive relationships with 12,000 pound killer whales, the top predator in the ocean, based on trust and respect. Imagine what we can do for your work team!


Ideal for conferences and yearly or quarterly meetings.


This half-day or full-day event is a more immersive workshop including interactive discussion activities. The workshop teaches participants to be a positive influence on others and allows them to discover a new world of possibilities through problem solving. Instruction is readily tailored to your organization’s objectives to include team-building, management training, or front line staff problem-solving.


Ideal for companies of any size wishing to improve employee morale, build leadership skills, or strengthen an already productive work culture.


This two or three day customized retreat is an ultimate experience for its participants. Held in the fabulous Florida keys, your team will learn about the power of positive relationships with one of the ocean’s most spectacular marine animals – bottlenose dolphins. Immersed in a tropical environment, your team will embark on a profound learning adventure with Precision Behavior. Your team will complete this retreat refreshed and empowered to improve the world from which they’ve come.


We provide numerous fun and energizing group activities aimed at teaching your associates how to be great leaders and team players. Let this learning experience with playful dolphins help you achieve higher productivity and bring fun back into your workplace.


Ideal for management/leadership teams or as a team-building event for line through management staff. Limited to 10-20 participants.

“Whale Done workshops have become a significant part of my organizational management programs, largely because they are so engaging and useful in virtually all aspects of people’s lives. A workplace that is transformed by positive actions and positive people will experience great rewards.”

Dr. Joe Pesce, Co-founder and CEO, Omnis, Inc.

“Great presentation. Made me think about relationships in and outside of work.”

“The speakers were awesome! Good, relevant examples that kept attention very well.”

“Great, informative, entertaining. I want them to come speak to my division! My favorite lecture so far.”

“The guest speakers were very animated and thorough and had a very interesting perspective on behavior patterns. Well done.”

“Presentation was very well done and successfully exhibited how animal training techniques apply to human situations.”

“This was wonderful! I can directly relate everything discussed to the office. This is a great lecture for any upcoming manager.”

Anonymous, Above Endorsements From Leadership & Team-building Seminar Surveys