The foundation of the Whale Done approach is respect. It emphasizes communication and praise rather than obedience and punishment – this is not some Pavlovian primer. Whale Done is much more than a set of techniques; it is a way of looking at people and seeing the best that is in them. Contact us today to learn more.


Whale Done Parenting


“How is it they can get a killer whale to urinate on cue, and we can’t get our son to pee into the toilet?”


Amy Sheldrake, young mother and killer whale trainer-in-training, marvels at the complex behaviors her superiors are able to coax out of these enormous beasts, while she and her husband struggle to make their beloved—and much smaller—son Josh obey the simplest rules. Using the story approach popularized by Ken Blanchard in his many bestsellers this unique parenting book draws on the experiences of two of the coauthors—as both pioneering marine mammal trainers and as parents—to show how the same principles that induce killer whales to leap into the air can convince young children to go quietly to bed.


Like Amy and her husband Matt, once you get the hang of the three Whale Done principles you’ll see a dramatic difference in overcoming challenges like:


  • Following bedtime routines

  • Dealing with tantrums

  • Introducing new foods

  • Sharing

  • Avoiding overuse of the word no

  • Learning to care for a pet

  • Instituting time-outs


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Whale Done Schools


Taking the lessons from Whale Done!, Dr. Cynthia Zurchin set out to improve the learning environment for the children in her school. As Principal of Schaeffer Elementary School, Dr. Zurchin faced a mountain of obstacles in her extremely challenging district. Not only has she succeeded in turning her school around by utilizing the positive reinforcement principles that we know work, she is changing lives on a daily basis.


Teachers and principals alike will love the behavioral improvement they will see almost immediately in their students. Following this proven approach, educators learn to:


  • Increase desirable behavior in students

  • Decrease attention-getting outbursts and disruptive displays

  • Be the example via a positive culture

  • Provide children with a fun environment in which to learn


Change the lives of children whom others might consider a “lost cause.”

Ideal for any school district looking to improve the behavior and overall academic achievement of their students. This program works with all levels of students and is currently being implemented in many grade-levels in the Pittsburgh area. This would be an ideal presentation for any educational conference.


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“Whale Done Parenting is a fascinating look at parenting from the unusual perspective of professional marine mammal trainers who also happen to be parents! Years ago, trainers discovered an amazing technique to train whales and dolphins, and it worked perfectly! These training techniques are based on the principles of behavioral science and include operant conditioning through positive reinforcement. So Ken, Thad and team thought… why wouldn’t these techniques work with children? The Whale Done Parenting approach is more than just technique-teaching. It is a philosophy to be embraced!”

Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus | Columbus Zoo and Host of the New Jack Hanna’s Into The Wild

“Whale Done Parenting is GREAT! Where was this book ten years ago? I think it should be distributed to all new parents at the hospital. It is the instruction manual for parents. The specific examples on setting up for success, ignore failure and/or re-direct and give a Whale Done listed on the note pages will become posted on all refrigerators across America (or the world)! As Principal of a Whale DoneSchool, I hope every parent has the opportunity to read and practice Whale Done Parenting. When we instituted the Whale Done-based program at Schaeffer Elementary we saw suspensions go down 95%, and math and reading proficiency improved dramatically. These principles work—kids really respond! It’s the path to success and will make a difference in the next generation of adults. Whale Done! Ken, Thad, Chuck, and Jim.”

Dr. Cynthia Zurchin, Principal and mother of John and Nicky | Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pittsburgh Schaeffer Primary School

“The Whale Done approach emphasizes communication and praise rather than obedience and punishment. This little book contains a big message and I encourage parents of all ages to read it.”

Dr. Stan Kuczaj, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology | University of Southern Mississippi